1. When you go to Boom Festival 3 things happen





    and most definitely this:


  2. Today I heard that Pirate Bay website is gonna get blocked in Portugal


  3. Things boys wear/ do on the bus that really annoy me

    When you listen to your cool music out loud trough your cellphone, because you really don’t understand the concept of “headphones”. And on some rare precious ocasions, when you start singing along…..

    Whoever told you body odor was in fashion, probably hates you…and it was possibly a bit too drunk.

    Guys who choose to wear caps like this.. I mean your the one who chose to have your head look like a swolen blob. I just feel like punching it to make it look decent again. (anger issues)


  4. I’m poor, so might as well try: CAN SOMEONE GET ME A PLANE TICKET TO LONDON TO SEE THIS?!



    I literally just want to go and see this…I can go and come back in the same day ._. puhlease (it can count as a birthday/ xmas gift for life!)


  5. today I went to the Queer Festival


  6. Regarding hipster metrosexuals


  7. What’s up with this new crowd at IndieRock?!



  8. Portuguese pavement VS high heels


  9. when you go for a coffee at some kiosk in Avenida and you cant have a proper conversation with your friends due to the volume of the music thats playing


  10. someone told me Benfica won something today