1. First World Problems


    I met the man of my dreams…
    …but his phone network wasn’t the same as mine…

  2. Ir ao El Corte Ingles ao fim de semana

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  3. Everytime someone decides to start talking about Politics or Religion…. at 3 am… in Bairro Alto

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  4. On Facebook!!

    So me and some friends decided to create this collective to promote artsy stuff and write witty arcticles and reviews.
    Some of it is in portuguese and the rest in english because fuck it, we like mayhem.
    When you live in Lisbon posts will return asap I promise.

    Meanwhile you should definitely check our new Facebook Page. (my admin name is Darling)


  5. General opinion about all TVI programs

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  6. Leaving your pack of cigarettes on top of a table @ a Kiosk in Chiado

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  7. and you study/ used to study at ESTC


  8. oh, you got a job?


  9. and manage to pass your driving exam with a fucked up foot


  10. Today, someone said one of my posts was ridiculous